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Companies Secretly Selling Refurbished Items On Various Sites

I was having an interesting conversation today on how apparently when it comes to certain companies a lot of people believe that they are selling their refurbished products through channels such as Ebay except they are identifying themselves as a regular person who is simply selling an item. It was mentioned that some companies explicitly say that warranties are nontransferable and so for a person to sell an item that is magically able to transfer the warranty for example it makes you wonder.

It did make you wonder why a company wouldn’t simply sell it through their own brand/company name. Apparently one reason it was potentially done this way is because the business relies on selling items at premium prices and so people seeing themselves offer the items for significantly less devalues their items. I guess you can think of it like high end sunglasses or diamonds where many organizations insist that a business must sell the items at a certain price point regardless if there is no supply and demand issue. So this way they could kind of get away with dumping the items for less without the fear of losing that premium price point that they want people to pay.

Makes you wonder the next time you see a random person selling items like these in various online sites.

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