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Commuting Expenses Makes It Not Free

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I was hearing today that apparently the company Burger King here was giving away free french fries to the public as a way to promote their new product. As you may expect, a lot of people wanted to take advantage of it with the “It’s free” mentality. The funny thing I thought was how some people went out of their way to get the free fries which involved having to spend money in commuting to get it. This was either in the form of spending gas money to drive and find a restaurant that they wee near or spending like $2 on the public transit. All that for one small pouch of fries.

I would usually only do this for non perishable items or products in general that will be used in the longrun if it seems worth it. Otherwise for me personally it feels like you are just going to dine out and spend more money than you have to. At minimum if I was to take advantage of these types of offers there would have to be something else that I would do to make the trip productive such as finishing up some grocery shopping for example. The money it takes you to get to place to place is till money in the end and so you may as well try to maximize the results for what you spend.

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