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Chinese New Years

Happy Chinese new years to everyone that celebrates it. It was kind of neat during a family dinner we had the other day as my uncle was telling me about this movie project that he had been funding and it lasted for over a year. The only thing he would tell me before is that when it comes out I would know about it. So today he did eventually tell me and apparently it’s that movie called I am Bruce Lee that is coming out. This was the trailer he told me to see:

That was so cool I thought as it was a subject matter that I have always been interested in. It’s kind of neat hearing it from a venture capitalist’s point of view in terms of how they are involved. Of course he couldn’t dive into specific details, but it’s just kind of funny when you hear it from an investor’s point of view as it is more of a “We just fund the projects” type of routine as opposed to the logistics of creating the business or project itself.

Makes me wonder if it is just as intense or nerve wrecking being the investor. Guess this will be one movie for the new years that I am going to try to see.

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