Chinese New Year 2020
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Chinese New Year 2020

chinese new year 2020 year of the rat

Happy new year everyone. This year it is the year of the Rat they say. One thing I did today is simply going around different places to see what kind of events are taking place. One common sight is seeing lion dances being conducted on various business which is supposed to being good luck and fortune. This usually involves two people in a dragon costume of sort performing athletic maneuvers to grab a lettuce hanging above that usually obtains money as well.

I guess a lot of my mentality of trying to help others financially too when I can comes from seeing stuff like this as a child. The thought is supposed to be share the wealth when you can and hopefully the cycle repeats itself once those people are successful as well. It amazes me too where for many they still give base on that tradition even if they can’t really afford to do so. I suppose sometimes it’s just about helping others the best you can huh?

Happy new year everyone.

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