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Checking That Sealed Packages Are Actually New From Online Sellers

I had an interesting observation today as a person was telling people that he was selling this brand new phone still sealed in a box. The price wasn’t crazy or anything and it was an old model. But it was actually still decent tech wise. So when people advertise this stuff online you have to be skeptical. But as it turned out the box seemed like it was sealed and all. It came with the original accessories that you would expect.

Usually in these situations you should ask why the person is selling it. This was the first red flag as he was saying he got the phone as part of a contract but didn’t want it. When asked which carrier it was he actually said a company that was based outside of the country. So that story doesn’t make sense. As well, why would they offer such an older model phone? But again, everything was sealed. When asked if the item could be opened up to verify you can see the shock in the person’s face. But obviously they have to say yes.

Again, when opening it up there were all the screen protectors and plastics around the item. It’s not until you start using the phone when it becomes evident. When you start a new phone you should by default be asked to set everything up. This one was already had thing setup. Upon looking at the contacts and messages there was actually one number on it. That shouldn’t be the case if it is new. To top that off, the serial number listed within the software of the phone was different than what is listed on the sticker.

So sneaky huh? No wonder the person was so nervous and wanted to quickly go. I know second hand stores would often do that where they re-wrap items and sell them as new. You always have to check. Especially in cases where you aren’t buying it from an authorized retail store in general.

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