The Cheaper Route That Isn’t Part of The Procedure

The Cheaper Route That Isn’t Part of The Procedure

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I was having an interesting conversation with a person about a company that didn’t have a presence in this country but they still sold directly to consumers as well as retail outlets. If you purchase the product directly from the company then of course you would expect to handle any returns or repairs through the business. There was this example where a very small item had to be exchanged and the shipping cost and handling cost for the company seemed outrageous in many ways. Not only that the customer needs to wait for it to ship to a different country. We were asking ourselves why wouldn’t you as a company just work something out with a local retail partner to help exchange everything quickly instead?

If you think about it the scenario would be more cost effective and efficient in almost every way. You can almost think of it like a business giving a persona coupon where they would use at a regular store where the company will then reimburse them for it. I would imagine it is mostly just due to not having a procedure of sorts for it.

Kind of makes me think that flexible and adaptable to do what makes sense for your business and the customer is often overlooked in many cases like this. Imagine all the time and money you could save too by not always just sticking to one size fits all solution.

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