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Cheaper To Mix In The Ingredients Yourself

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One funny thing that happened today was that I saw a store was clearing out some of these cereal items for whatever reason. They are normally pretty expensive at about $8 a bag but for some reason they were clearing them out for $3 each. While that is a great deal in comparison I was looking at the individual ingredients and was thinking that maybe just buying the ingredients separately would still be cheaper.

It definitely was. This bag of mixed ingredients was only about 200g. Spending about $20 to buy the three main ingredients of this item I could literally make over 2 pounds of this item. That is a savings of course which made me think how just always comparing deals to what something normally sells for could be costing you money. If you finish consuming this every two weeks or so too you can see how costly it can be by not thinking of the option to make the mix yourself.

It’s different if it is a cooked product as an example where the time to prepare it may not be worth it and the results may not be the same. But if it is dried ingredients in a bag as an example then you really should consider whether or not you can mix up the ingredients yourself to save a lot of money.

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