Cheap Food Deals Having To Be Healthy As Well
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Cheap Food Deals Having To Be Healthy As Well

Today while going through the supermarket I was surprised to see this where apparently there were a ton of Mott’s Clamato on sale for 44 cents. These usually retail for about $2 and the cheap price was due to the fact that the product was expiring at the end of the month. I don’t usually buy these drinks but the price definitely made me wonder if I should get it for an inexpensive change of pace.

I am not a huge fan of these types of tomato juice usually but since it was heavy on vegetables I usually end up making the purchase if prices are this cheap where at the same time it’s “good” foe you per se. But upon checking the ingredients there are things added such as sugar. On top of that this isn’t exactly fresh vegetables such as if I just placed them into the juicer. It would make more sense to just buy some tomatoes from a health point of view. So ultimately I didn’t end up getting it as in my view it would have been the same as buying say a soda I wasn’t keen on initially.

But that is actually one thing that controls my spending too where for food and beverage related purchases that I really don’t need as ultimately it could be like I’m paying money to give myself less energy and all. Once in awhile is okay, but keep doing it frequently without any restrictions and it can add up.

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