Charging More But Still Surviving

Charging More But Still Surviving

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I was a little dumbfounded today as I visited this market inside a small mall where there was about three different groceries. Two of them were literally beside each other where the product offerings and prices were virtually identical. On the other hand, there was another grocery store that was about two stores away and it sold what appeared to be the same items but they were all priced higher.

I couldn’t really understand why anyone would shop there as oppose to the other places as a result. It couldn’t be because of the location and convenience for example since they are all so close as it is. Funny enough, I then saw one difference and that was in this little grocery store they advertised that they had a website. But really, does a website really have that much of an impact for a grocery store to convince people to pay more for its items?

My other observation was that these were ethnic supermarkets and the other places didn’t really have much in the way of English signs even though you don’t really need it. However, the other place did and its website being in English seemed to cater to that audience. Kind of intriguing when you think about it where the business can charge more and still survive even with like another business right next to it selling the same thing for cheaper. In this case all it took was having more languages to target more people.

Makes me think too where for all the times people say they are put out of business because they can’t offer something as cheap as the other guy that maybe you just need to showcase something that the consumer can relate to that the other business is neglecting.

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