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Charging Membership Fees To Help Sort Out Potential Talent

Usually for a lot of business people or even artists of sorts they try and find a protégé to potentially pass on all their knowledge or work to in hopes that someone else can continue the legacy. So it was interesting where I was having a conversation about this with another today as this person was kind of disappointed that he has yet to find such a candidate.

He then told me how he purposely charged people money at first who asks to learn from him. Once he realizes that the person is serious and disciplined he immediately drops the fees and is willing to invest as much time into the person as they are in trying to master the craft. This isn’t the first time I have heard of people charging membership fees of sorts in the beginning just to take them away later on.

It makes sense as there are often people who want quick fix solutions or in hopes to get instant gratification. These are often the type of people who will drop something pretty quickly too. So in that sense charging a fee can make sense for everyone. For the person teaching they are at least getting something for their time and for the person in question they at least had to have given something back.

It can be a good way to find a serious person I suppose where if the person was willing to pay for the service then it shows they are actually invested into it. I have seen examples too where when people get things for free they can take it for granted or not as serious because technically they aren’t really losing anything. Example, it can be something as straight forward as a person asking for tips and advice to then not take it to heart because they didn’t pay money for it.

In this case charging money can make the most sense even if you are doing something out of the sheer passion for it.

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