Charging Fines And Penalty For Enforcement

Charging Fines And Penalty For Enforcement

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I guess things are getting serious here in regards to wanting people to wear masks indoors as the government announced that people could be charged fines for not wearing one in indoor public spaces. As stated on the BC government site it says the following:
Anyone without a mask in an indoor public place or who refuses to comply with the direction of an enforcement officer, including the direction to leave the space, or who responds with abusive or belligerent behaviour, may be subject to a $230 fine.

I can imagine the confrontations that will potentially arise because of this. But it did make me wonder for your business do you implement potential fines and penalty clauses for your services as way to ensure that the customer will take things seriously? For example, if you have a service that requires an appointment to show up do you have a clause saying a no-show will result in additional fees as a way to ensure they are not wasting your time?

People that offer a set amount of working hours for a package fee usually indicate something where if you request for more time then you will be charged for it. But the idea of having fee penalties is usually only something I see from large corporations versus the smaller businesses. Is it because it seems too unfriendly as an example? In many ways it can make sense I suppose.

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