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Changing Your Search Criteria To Find Local Opportunities

The other day I agreed to work on a project and one thing about it was that I didn’t know exactly where the location would be. Funny enough, once I got the details on where the place of business was I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could literally walk there in like five minutes from my home. This saved everything from travel time to being able to grab supplies/resources very conveniently. Of course it made me think of the money saved too as a result of not needing to pay money to commute.

It just got me so curious where if I was say a student looking for a job how hard would it be to find something that was literally close to me like this? Not surprisingly, there were things to do all around the place locally. Many times people complain there is absolutely nothing they can do as they searched everything only to get no results. I was trying to think how this can be the case as even with my mediocre attempt I was able to find a lot of opportunities.

What I narrowed it down to was that it seemed like a lot of people go searching only for specific companies or roles. You may ask isn’t that normal right? What I did find was that a lot of local companies or small businesses actually advertise its jobs under different names or labels and as a result the term you are looking for will not come up. While this may not be as big of an issue if you are looking for something career oriented specifically from a certain company that is advertising through high budget means, nowadays a ton of business use free resources such as Craigslist to do so.

Just as an example, I knew for a fact that a local dentist office was advertising for a secretarial assistant forever which got me curious why the company couldn’t attract any talent for that role. I would assume most people would use terms such as “secretary” or “administrative assistant” to find these kinds of opportunities. In this case, the business dubbed that role as a “Front Desk Helper” and so if you weren’t searching for opportunities within those terms you will most likely miss it.

Strangely enough, the easiest way I think to narrow it down in terms of finding local opportunities ,which most people simply neglect to do, is search for opportunities with words such as street names. To me this seems like an effective way to see everything that is openly advertised around you. It’s a lot more specific than simply searching things within a city for example. As well, this way if there is an opportunity and the business is just using different wording that may make you miss it this will minimize that too.

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