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Changing Your Plans At An Instant To Seize the Opportunity

Sunny drone shot

Today something interesting happened where the drone laws in Canada suddenly became a little more reasonable where people could fly it in more places. The funny thing was I was actually thinking of attending an event but then I discovered this news. So for myself I changed my plans on the fly to try and understand how this could literally change some of my plans for the week as well.

The reason being is because these temporary laws could change in an instant in a sense where everything else I could potentially do another day as opposed to this. So in my view it’s about seizing the opportunity that is presenting itself. I was thinking too if this was a business scenario this kind of circumstance is probably a key on how many people get ahead over others where they seize the opportunities that are presented as opposed to risk waiting.

At times like that you just can’t always follow a set schedule of sorts as you never know when life can take a sudden turn. Be adaptable I guess you can say.

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