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Changing or Keeping Names That Are Too Similar To Others

What would you do in this scenario? Imagine you were running a small business where the name of the company was pretty much your own name. Example, maybe it’s your own consulting business, photography studio, etc. However, it just so happens that your name is similar to someone very famous who is not exactly desirable in the eye of the public. So whenever people search or see your name they will initially associate you with this person. Would you be inclined to just work hard and hopefully educate people that you are not them or would you simply avoid the conflict all together and operate your business under a different alias?

Tricky decision. In one end I would say it would probably be less costly than having to deal with everyone pre-judging you. In the other end I would say ironically it could work in your favour as it is getting you extra attention you wouldn’t have normally gotten and so if you do it right such as humoring it in some ways it could actually help one in the long run. Like saying in this example, if your business was selling real estate then maybe eventually educating enough people that you aren’t that movie star will naturally spread where others will tell their friends as well and so in the end maybe if those same guys are looking for a real estate agent they will remember him and look him up out of curiosity.

I guess it all comes down to how sensitive you are when it comes to things like this and whether or not you take it personal if people initially pre-judge you.

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