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Challenge of Saving Your Frugal Spending Funds

In the next few days I will start to see some significant savings from cutting the cord this year. The funny thing is, when you save a lot of money from what you would normally spend you have a tendency to want to use it on other things. In many ways, it’s like you aren’t saving anything and are instead transferring your spending habits to something else. This is solely talking about purchases you don’t really need as opposed to an investment to make money of course.

For myself, strangely enough I always find that checking in to see how much money you have in your accounts really discourages you from making bad purchases in general. By keeping up with your finances like this you tend to want to grow your savings and investments. It’s almost like a video game where you want to beat your high score.

In many ways it’s like we train ourselves so much to earn money yet we neglect to train ourselves to save it. I would say even for myself things like delayed gratification and saving money was something I had to harness just like learning to play a sport or preforming in any kind of job. Being frugal is just the first part. Learning to keep and invest your money wisely is another. I must say too, cutting the cord is such a money saver and I barely had to change anything in terms of my day-to day lifestyle.

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