Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 9
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Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 9

There was a funny start to this episode. Basically, Trump asked Curtis if he didn’t really get along with Sharon and Maria based on what happened last time. Indeed, he said yes and so Trump decided to put him on the same team as them while moving Bret Michaels to Tenacity. Talk about a blunt attempt to get something riled up for ratings.

The two team’s task this time around was to refurbish an apartment. They would essentially be judged on originality and the overall quality of the renovation to help determine who has increased the value and attractiveness of the property more. As well, they had to try to add their celebrity flare by designating one room dubbed as the celebrity one . The project manager for Tenacity was Holly and for Rocksolid it was Sharon.

The gist of the directions when it came to the interior designing was that Rocksolid went with a conservative yet expensive type of feel whereas Tenacity tried to go with a calm Zen type of feel. For Tenacity’s celebrity room though it was completely different as it was painted all red and Cyndi Lauper was given permission to go crazy with it. Rocksolid’s celebrity room was rather dismissal as it looked like a regular room.

There was one particular part of this episode that I found to be kind of ironic. Basically, both teams had to go out and shop for the furniture they needed as well as working material such as paint. There was a segment showing how Sharon was semi gloating about her celebrity status and how people would want you to get the best deals because of it. So when she went into this store she was just buying things left and right. Some items such as a chandelier was in the five figure ranges.

Apparently they ended up spending well over one hundred thousand. That just made me think how they were playing for charity where they win like twenty thousand yet they spent over one hundred thousand trying to furnish an apartment. Kind of ironic when you think about it. What was also interesting was how Sharon was able to predict what team Tenacity was going to do for their apartment base mainly on her understanding of Holly’s personality. Pretty impressive I thought.

Overall, Rocksolid’s seemed more polished but not as exciting. Very neutral I guess you can say. Tenacity’s seemed more original but very specific I think where it would probably only appeal to certain people. Apparently the executives didn’t really favor things like the color choices of Tenacity’s apartment such as the green painted room. Rocksolid’s did seem more executive esque if you want to call it that. In the end Rocksolid won.

Now this boardroom and firing was very interesting. While Team Tenacity lost, the executives kept praising about the celebrity room that Cyndi designed as they thought it was the best out of everything. Therefore, at first it seemed like Cyndi was the one who was definitely not going to be fired as Trump kept defending her just for that despite the team saying negative things about her. Holly then tried to counter that by saying she delegated Cyndi to do it and therefore that should be a good sign of leadership as she knew how to manage the people she had.

This eventually led to Cyndi saying how all Holly did was say that the room she designed should be red. This raised a flag with people like Trump as at first he thought Cyndi created everything herself. So here was the twist. By saying she did not come up with the color of the room she essentially weakened her position as being the almighty in this task. Kind of like saying you would at first think this person is so amazing for inventing a tire just to learn later someone told you that it should be round to begin with. Basically, if the person thought you did everything yourself it is more amazing.

For this alone Cyndi got blasted for it. She was then getting lectured from a business point of view that she shouldn’t have said anything. She then said that all she was doing was telling the truth. Then people like Trump were saying how it may be the truth but since she is in the boardroom nobody else had to know about that detail as she needed every advantage she could get. Because of that Cyndi was fired.

This is the most interesting firing of the season so far I think. That is a borderline between ethics and business savvy. I guess sadly enough they are right though as that is how many people get ahead as if something happens they can just say “You never asked” type of scenario. About time something interesting and a bit controversial happened.

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