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Capitalizing On One Successful Happening

I was kind of surprised today as I saw this advertisement from a person who was offering courses on how to teach people in creating viral video ads. While that is nothing unusual, I knew for a fact that this person was just starting in the field himself and has maybe one moderately successful video. However, it seems that is enough for him to now start charging people well over $300 for a tutorial of sorts on how to be successful in the field. Of course, he simply uses that one video as testimony for everything.

Whether or not a lot of people will buy into the product is a different story. But what this did show was how just one little success can be blown up in such a way where you can kind of fast track your career/presence as for the most part people will just focus on that success. Basically, you know more then a lot of other people and so they are bound to listen and oblige to what you sell as they want to duplicate your results.

I suppose another way of putting it is that he is simply directing everyone’s attention to that positive light. All a numbers game I suppose.

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