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Canada’s Worst Customer Service

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I bumped into this video today which I thought was kind of interesting as it dealt with a news media trying to do some reporting on how good and bad the custom service is for various stores here in Canada. The most interesting part that piqued my interest was that they were saying how people here don’t know how to complain when they get bad service which doesn’t help them or the business to improve.

There was another moment that must have been odd for the company being interviewed where they were talking to a Walmart representative and one of the responses was he believes customer service should be about the prices as well that you need to factor in. I was surprised to hear that as stereotypically people use that against companies that have lower prices by saying they can sell things cheaper by having things like less staff.

You can see the video at as well. Makes you wonder if a store can ever be successful if it had nothing but those automated checkout machines like you see in a lot of stores nowadays and if they just placed price scanners with digital store directories everywhere.

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