Canada Revenue Agency E-Transfer Scam
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Canada Revenue Agency E-Transfer Scam

While going on a hike today I got this odd text message where at first it implied that it was from Canada Revenue and that they had sent me a refund of $175. They also include a link which stated it was where I assume most people would be curious to click on it. For myself I just deleted it as it was obviously a scam of sort.

As well I was just thinking how silly this was as the address wasn’t even on a Canadian government site and the fact that a person would get a tax refund at this time of the year would kind of make you wonder right off the bat. I assume if you click on the link it could be full of malware or something so I didn’t want to try it.

But as usual these things obviously work in some cases for them to do it so here is a warning for you all to delete it.

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