Can You Being Too Honest When It Comes To Money
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Can You Being Too Honest When It Comes To Money

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Awhile ago I found some money on the ground where my first instinct was to see who was nearby as they would potentially be the owner. As I approached this elderly couple I was thinking chances of it being theirs was slim just due to where they were standing as it didn’t align with someone would have dropped it while walking straight. I asked them anyways and at first they thought I was trying to sell them something.

But after they realized I was trying to give the money to the owner they changed their tune. The wife actually started to speak in Chinese to the husband saying how he should just take it as it is money. They didn’t know that I understood Chinese too I guess but I didn’t say anything. The husband then began to say it was indeed his and started to show his jacket pocket as if it indeed fell out of his. While I was fairly certain they were lying I just gave the guilt trip speech where I was just being honest and if it was indeed his then he should take it. Eventually he didn’t.

It’s just the reality I find that when it comes to money it can be unfortunately rare that people won’t in a sense lie to get it. You may be wondering how this even helps with things like your finances. I know from personal experience and all the stories I read too that you do have to be cautious in these situations otherwise you could lose so much where you think you are doing the right just to have someone take advantage of the situation.

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