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Buying What You Can Finish

Today I went to this sushi restaurant with my nephew and immediately when looking at the menu he said that he wanted this combo that I knew he wouldn’t be able to finish. I even tried saying that some of those combos were pretty expensive and had more stuff than he could probably handle. However, he was adamant that he could finish it. Out of ten pieces he was only able to eat about five of it.

The funny thing was he was staring at the dish and saying how he couldn’t finish it. I then asked him how he felt about that since I was telling him it was too much before. He then said he shouldn’t order more than he can eat as it costs a lot of money. That made me think how something this simple can teach younger people not to buy more than they need as an example. At the same time, recognizing things like buying a huge bulk item that is cheaper but has way more than you can use where the rest will get spoiled is not a wise purchase financially.

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