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Buying Spares or Having One Large Capacity

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Over the past few days I noticed a situation where people were scrambling to find an extra SD memory card for a camera where they needed to take more footage than anticipated. As a result, whenever the card filled up they seemed to be in a panic as they couldn`t exactly delete any of the existing work they have just captured. At the same time, there was no way for them to empty the card. Fortunately for them they did have spares though.

It made me think, for these situations do you think it`s better to simply purchase spare parts where in this case you would buy multiple medium sized SD cards or would you rather spend more in buying one card that is extremely high capacity where it`s probably more than doubled of what you think you would normally use on a regular basis? Financially I know it is often cheaper to buy multiple small capacity items like these as opposed to one large one.

I personally found that I saved more time by simply buying something that is extremely larger than I think I would need on an average basis when it comes to these types of items. I also don’t have to find places to store all the spares. Then again, I guess it comes down to what is the purpose of having a spare. Is it for a backup incase something breaks or like in this scenario where you simply needed more than anticipated? Cause obviously if it is more as a backup from your main item being damaged then you don’t really have much of another option.

For me anyways, if I was to ever buy something as a spare like in the sense of an SD card I wouldn’t usually have like say two 64GB cards. I would probably go with the option of having one 128GB card an like a 8GB one as the “Spare Backup.” For me any ways, the time saver just equals to saving money this way for me.

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