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Buying Parts And Add-Ons Before The Main Product

A person was telling how he owns so many high definition movies on disc that are all in its originally packaging as he was able to get them for very cheap since the stores simply wanted to get rid of them. The funny thing is he doesn’t even have a player that can play them. He figured that he plans to get one in the future when it becomes way cheaper anyways and that buying like a movie for $6 is about as cheap as he can ever find the movie for anyways even by the time he finally buys one.

While it does sound a little silly, I must say that I do that sometimes as well where if I know the price for a part or item for something is insanely below the actual retail cost I will buy it even though I don’t have the main item that is necessary to make use of it as I do plan to buy it in the future. I suppose in some ways it is a waste of money as it is just sitting there collecting dust and you could have possibly used that money to invest in something else that could possibly bring you more money than what you could have saved from buying the product afterwards.

For small things though I think it can be worth it to do so. For example, I remember I purchased a 2 gig SD card for about $5 when I didn’t even have a digital camera yet as I knew that was a very cheap price. I basically saved about $20 to $40 as oppose to trying to buy the same thing during the exact same time that I bought the camera. Of course, you have to really be sure about the price and disciplined not buy things that you didn’t really intend to use in the first place. Otherwise you will be convincing yourself to buy anything and everything just because it has a cheap price tag.

2 Comments to Buying Parts And Add-Ons Before The Main Product

  • I hope you don’t browse on e-bay because you’ll see that there are a ton of deals like that to be had. In a way, because the number is so overwhelming, it helps me be disciplined to not buy too much.

    One of the best deals I ever got was this lamp:

    As I am a connoisseur of designer furniture and lighting, I knew that this lamp was worth $400-$500. Somebody had listed 2 of these lamps for $80 each. At the time, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment, so didn’t need a ceiling lamp. After winning the auction for $80, the lamp stayed in a box in my apartment for 3 years. Luckily, it survived my move across the country, and looks beautiful in my new house!

    joewatch 8/15/2007 8:33 pm
  • Wow, that was one heck of a deal you got. Not much of an ebay person myself personally as I only used it to find hard to get items for gifts and so fourth. I would think browsing around that site could in some ways make you stingier too as since you see so many bargains you will adopt a “I’ve seen cheaper” mentality before buying something.

    Alan Yu 8/16/2007 9:17 am

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