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Buying Expired Food If The Discount Is Good Enough

This really made me wonder how many people actually do this today. While I was at the supermarket I saw this area with a pile of products that were all labelled as 50% off as they wanted to get rid of it fast.

I usually see these kinds of offers for fruits or vegetables that cosmetically look unappealing and so the only way you can get it to move usually is to price it extremely low. However, in this case I assumed that the product was expiring soon and so hey wanted to get rid of it fast. To my surprise, as you can see here the product has pretty much expired already for quite awhile:

Worst case scenario based on the label this item is well over one month of the best before date. It made me think too on how many people would jump over this deal simply because of the price. Obviously people must be buying it for them to put it out at these specific prices. This an example of sometimes it’s better to spend a little more to get a better product huh?

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