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Buying Everything When You Are Ready To Use

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A few days ago I bought this controller for the computer as I wanted to get away from having to use the mouse and keyboard for a future project. I bought it on a sale which seemed fairly common at about a 25% discount. However, I don’t as of yet have everything ready to begin using it and so seeing this thing being unused makes me think that I should have maybe held off until I am actually ready to use it.

There have been plenty of time times where I have purchased things with the intent to use it in the future only to then see an even better deal if I had waited. Granted, the situation could be the reverse where on the day I actually need to use it the price would be marked at a regular high price which means I end up spending more.

What I should have probably done was make a plan ahead of time on when I would begin the project and then give myself about a one to two week time frame to find the best deals possible. At the same time, coming up with a list on what the cheapest price for the items were so that if it’s at a rock bottom price then regardless I should be buying it now as oppose to a so-so deal. Fortunately I don’t do this too often as it would probably turn you into a hoarder of sorts. That would be bad for the wallet and your real estate.

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