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Buying Everything When It Is Too Cheap To Fathom

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Sears Canada will officially be shutting down a lot of stores the upcoming week which means it is in the final clearance phase where you can expect 80% off and such. Apparently there were tons of jean deals where you could literally buy them for $5 each. That is pretty darn cheap. However, because of this deal it seemed like one person literally just tried to buy everything because it was so cheap.

As to what a person would need for that many jeans my assumption is they would resell it. This did make me think where even as a regular consumer when you see things that cheap would you be inclined to buy as many as you can or simply what you can use? I know for myself this is one of those times where I would actually buy as many as I can. The reason is pretty simple as I can see so many where I could save money.

You can resell it as an example if you really wanted to plus they can probably be good as gifts which in this case you save a ton of money with your shopping in that way. I supposes that is the key difference to determine if I would buy a ton of stuff. If I see it as a way to save money in the long run then I would do it. If it’s just to have more usually I wouldn’t.

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