Buying A New Electric Fan Every Year
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Buying A New Electric Fan Every Year

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So it’s the summer time and already things are starting to get a little warm. Around this time too everyone is starting to buy things like sunscreen to prepare for the weather. As well, stores are starting to carry a lot of things such as electric fans. One thing that surprised me was how there is this one person who seems like every year he buys a new fan. This kind of baffles me as it’s not like fans have an expiry date and it’s almost like a person opting to buy a new vacuum every year.

Apparently the reason for doing so is that he only uses the fan during the summer time and so in an effort to avoid clutter he ends up selling the ones that he buys for dirt cheap once summer is over. To him the fan is only like $10 anyways and this way he is getting a more modern day or potentially more energy efficient product each year which in his view is savings.

I guess when you put it like that it kind of makes sense. However, I would assume the really cheap ones aren’t exactly being remade with new modern day parts as there is a reason that they are on the less expensive side. This would be more of a case of doing what you feel is necessary to be more organized with less clutter than saving money I think.

I must admit the concept of selling the item if you know you won’t be using it for like another year can be interesting in general when it comes to simple stuff like this.

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