When Business Tactics Become Too Familiar And You Play Along

When Business Tactics Become Too Familiar And You Play Along

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There was a funny scenario today where I received a breakdown of sort where for the most I knew that based on the description there was going to be some extra details that wasn’t mentioned at first which is why a lot of people turned down the opportunity. Sure enough I was expecting this as after I requested for more information the person pretty much by the book gave me the “oops, there is an extra detail about this” routine.

Sometimes studying a lot of different business tactics can make things a little weird as like with this situation here would you just be blunt in telling the person what you think you know? Because I am technically not 100% sure I usually just opt to go along with it and see where the person goes with it. If anything it can be a good way to gauge character I feel. Because when you need to make really important decisions such as who to work with small details like these can show a lot.

In many ways it’s almost like a person phoning in sick for a work day when you kind of know they aren’t really sick based on the timing. Like there you actually can’t say for certain but it’s a good way to determine one’s character based on consistency. Although, in many ways these types of things must work a lot on others for people to even do it.

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