Business Groups Sounding Great When You Are Desperate

Business Groups Sounding Great When You Are Desperate

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One thing that is common when it comes to the life of having to create your own presence and demand for people to hire you is often when it seems like nothing is happening people tend to want to meet others who are in a similar situation in hopes to turn things around. Usually this means people saying the want to collaborate on some kind of project together in an effort to be proactive to create their own work.

From general observations this usually results in enthusiastic responses where you could have hundreds of people throwing their name into the hat. Unfortunately, usually it turns out that no one wants to be the leader of sort as everyone has the mindset of an employee where they want someone else to setup everything as everyone else simply fills in the roles as if they just got hired for the job. Nothing gets done basically.

It reminds me of a person I know where he frequently talks about wanting to start a business but says there is no one out there who would want to use his services. His default response appears to be something similar where he scouts out for others in a similar situation where everyone is enthusiastic. When I catch up with him to see how things are going he basically says nothing happened as a result as usual.

Not to say you can’t form some great ideas and solutions with others. But at times when it seems like you are desperate for some kind of revelation you have to think rationally if it is truly worth your time and all where people are actually going to act on it. Otherwise you will be stuck in a loop of being in situations and environments where people keep complaining how bad things are for them.

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