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The Business of Asking For Free Stuff For Exposure


Recently in the news there was apparently a bit about a blogger who asked a business if they would offer her free accommodations in exchange for some free exposure from her thousands of followers. The business didn’t take too kindly of this and reacted as if the person was extremely entitled and went as far as to tell the person to get a real job so that they can pay for its services.

By the looks of it the business did that intentionally for exposure and I must say they are doing a very good job at it. It did get me thinking though is it that strange for people to have these kinds of business proposals? To me it seems pretty basic with what people do in almost every other way such as sponsorship. I guess it is more about how people don’t see say a blogger as a “real job” per se.

Interestingly enough I have often had many people tell me I should look out for more business proposals like that considering I am frugal and want to save money. I know for myself I usually only do things like this if it was specifically proposed by the business. But if they can do it then it shouldn’t be weird for it to work the other way around too right?

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