Browsing Various Stores Before You Make A Purchase Habit
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Browsing Various Stores Before You Make A Purchase Habit

Someone told me an interesting story today where they saw a flyer for a store that had great deals and so they went to the mall with the intent of buying something there. They never been there before either so it would be a new place to check out some deals as it is literally a few steps away from another supermarket that she normally visits. That was the funny thing as she first dropped by the supermarket that she was used to. In doing so, she started to see some items she wanted to buy and began to fill up a basket worth of items.

The next thing you know she was at the checkout with a full bag of groceries which would mean there is no reason to shop elsewhere. So she literally didn’t even go to the store where she knew there were great deals. It makes me wonder how common or unusual my habit is where because I have various supermarkets around each other within a few walking minutes like a mall my habit is to literally walkthrough each one to see who has the best deal on what item before committing to a purchase.

This probably only really works for people without a family as I would imagine trying to bring kids to various stores to do price comparisons first isn’t exactly something a child would normally have the patience for. But if you can I find it’s a good habit. If you are trying to justify the time to do so then maybe consider the walk as your exercise as an example too.

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