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Bringing In More People For Your Costly Activities

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Recently I was talking to a person who wanted more people to share in the cost and responsibilities of a community garden where for a fee and a little bit of work once a week people can essentially grow and collect fresh vegetables whenever they need. I thought this was a great idea and the person was saying it’s too much for an individual as the yearly land fee is about $2000 or so. Since they always have so much produce leftover too it just makes sense to find people to chip in.

What was interesting was a comment made on how most people on the land insist in keeping it all for themselves even though they actually don’t use everything or to its maximum potential. It is simply too much for one person. For reason though such as just wanting the space to themselves they are willing to pay a lot for it.

It’s an interesting thought too when it comes to space and activities that we spend money on where many times we can better utilize what we have with more people while saving a ton of money by doing so. To a certain extent this mindset can be true for people who own a large house while not even really using the space in a practical way. Like there the common thing can be to rent out the basement for example. I know there is often a lot of concerns when you have to do things with other people but many times it can work out for the better too.

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