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Bringing A Group of People To Bypass One Per Customer Rules

While at a store today I saw a group of people who clearly seemed like they knew each other and were gathered around this product that had a a sale price on it. However, it was restricted to a one per customer limit. As a result, it seemed like each person was going to buy one in an effort to get around that stipulation and then after the person who actually wants the item would simply pay them back.

There were about nine people too it seemed. Do you ever think that is strange when people call like all their friends simply to help buy items that have a limit restriction? I did once see a family of like six kids each buying a 2 litre soda for about seventy cents each and each one of them went to a different cashier. Those situations made me wonder what the parents teach them in terms of being frugal.

I know for myself I would feel a little strange and would only do that if I knew people weren’t going out of their way to do it. For example, we were all going to be at the same store anyways. Otherwise it is kind of like asking your friend or family to go buy you things using their staff discounts where it requires them to go to work even if it is their day off. In cases like these I would tend to not want to trouble others too much even if it means I can only buy a few. Have to think of others too I say and not just what you get out of it.

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