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Breaking Traditional Event Dates To Get Ahead

One thing I have noticed with a lot of the Black Friday deals this year is how many more businesses are deciding to release their sales a day early to get a jump at the competition. It’s almost like they should call this Black Thursday instead. Online retailers have been doing this for awhile but it’s interesting to see more retail stores do this now.

It’s kind of an obvious way to get ahead of the competition literally and it makes you wonder would you do that even though it’s technically not following the spirit of the day per se? Technically there are no real rules either as even when it comes to a sale everyone is making up whatever offers they want. The only real drawback I can see is getting beef from other people who work in the same field or industry which I suppose can be bad too. But like there is it the businesses or consumers you are targeting?

This is different than breaking a street date for a product launch of course where that would be crazy. But how about universal sales events in general?

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