Boy Gets Arrested For Opening His Christmas Present Early
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Boy Gets Arrested For Opening His Christmas Present Early

This is just incredible. The Herald newspaper did a report about a story that happened in Rock Hill where a 27 year old single mom called the police when her 12 year old son opened up his Christmas present early. You can read the story along with the interview by clicking here.

To be brief, apparently the mom and the kid’s 63-year-old great-grandmother was nagging him not to open his present, which was a Nintendo Gameboy Advance, until Christmas. The 12 year old kid went ahead and opened it anyways despite what they said and then hid it in his room. The mom then discovered that the gift was unwrapped and that the Gameboy was missing. When she questioned his son about it he denied knowing where it was. She then threatened to call the police on him which scared him enough to give the system back. Despite giving it back, she called the police anyways and the boy was taken away and charged with petty larceny. The mom then comments how her son has had a history of bad behavior and she did this to teach him a lesson as she didn’t know what else to do.

Like I say all the time when I read things like this, just when you think you’ve seen it all…….

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