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Boxing Day 2015 Experience

Today was supposed to be the big shopping day here in Canada and I was definitely ready with my credit card. For the most part I knew exactly what I wanted to buy with the only exception being certain online stores only refreshed its sales every once in a while. Traffic wise I noticed that most stores were simply not that busy compared to previous years. Maybe it has to do with the weak Canadian dollar? Most of the electronic stores seemed pretty dead where people like me have pretty much gone online for these kinds of deals. Shoes and clothing stores still seemed rather packed.

boxing day 2015

There was actually only one item where I had to actually go to a store to physically get which would technically be the “hardest” item to shop for. As silly as it sounds, I needed some totes and there was a good sale for it where I bought a few. I don’t think many people go to Boxing Day to buy things like this so there was virtually no hassle in buying it.

totes sale

You still have to price compare of course as everyone still offers difference prices for the most part. It kind of showed me how ridiculous “sale prices” can be as often it just feels like it is embellished to get you to feel like you are saving way more.



Looking at prices for memory cards was kind of funny I thought. I combined these prices which I think summarizes it well when it comes to shopping during sales events like these. Again, you can’t really rely too much on what the stated discount is. Instead, it’s more like a challenge of analyzing what gives you the best value for your needs.

micro sd memory card price

Yes, I did end up buying a new pair of shoes. I just had to try and get more than just the sale price. Here, I was able to get a little further discount using an additional coupon code.



Overall, I was satisfied with my savings. I actually found pretty much everything I was looking for as well in terms of stuff I needed while not buying things I didn’t need. I often take the time to help other people find deals as well which is always fun.

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