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Boston Marathon Bombing And Grenades At Canada Post

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I guess there was no avoiding this piece of news today as even for myself I was putting aside a lot of work to read the news about this. Those videos and pictures are pretty disheartening I must say and makes you wonder what people are thinking to want to hurt so many people at an event that is supposed to bring people together in a positive way.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, apparently here today there was a scare that there were grenades found at a post office here in Downtown which resulted in bomb technicians having to check it out. Actually, as of writing this they still haven’t confirmed if it was say real or not. This is one of those days where aside from business and money you just have to think why people can’t find something more constructive or positive to do in the world huh?

I did find something interesting though for anyone that has family or friends that may have been at the event as apparently Google has a person finder specifically for this at which is free for the public to search and submit information about people there. Hopefully they do uncover exactly who did it and why.

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