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Blockbuster Permanently Closing Down Stores In Canada

Seems like the past few days I have been reading so many stories about the video rental chain Blockbuster closing its doors here officially. For bargain hunters, that could mean great deals if you are looking for them. But one prominent point that keeps getting brought up it seems is how way back Netflix offered Blockbuster to purchase them and they got swayed off. As a result, everyone looks back at how they would have probably been in business still if they didn’t do that.

While it is easy to be on the sidelines and say how easy it could have been to just say buyout the company, it makes me wonder what would be running in ones mind when they are presented ith a situation like that. It’s almost like you having a business where you are used to serving hot cooked food and then all of a sudden this guy says they have recipes and a business idea to just serve raw uncooked stuff. Like in that case I bet most people would have swayed them off too.

I guess the only real way to get over that mentality is to not think so much about it replacing your existing business per se but rather as an opportunity to have another completely different business and to judge it for its own worth.

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