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Black Friday 2020 Deals And Experience

This was definitely an interesting Black Friday today as I was curious about the deals and how many people would actually go to the malls to purchase an item. I had to actually go find a laptop deal for another person so I did end up travelling very early but with no real rush other than going close to the opening time. For first funny thing I noticed was how the gas price at this place was listed at zero cents a litre. Effectively free huh?

free gas black friday

In the morning there didn’t seem to be many people at all as I would assume most people bought their items online. I would have too except this deal was in store only. But the deals I saw online were crazy with many of them I assume are pricing errors. As an example, look at these prices for a couple of SEAGATE FireCuda SSD Drives:

These seemed like a massive error. Only time will tell if they actually honor it of course. I was even hearing theories how some companies do this intentionally to generate buzz.

There was this great deal on a Lenova C32-q20 31.5 inch QHD Monitor for about $200. Not bad if you actually needed it.

The other big deal I saw was for hiking boots where this Men’s Ravus Vent that normally sells for about $130 was about $39. So there were definitely deals to be found. The main I tem I was looking for was this Acer Aspire Laptop that is originally for about $499 being sold for $399.

Traffic wise in the mall it seemed like a regular weekend I would so pre-pandemic. It could be a lot of people now getting used to online shopping as well after all this. Black Friday 2020 is definitely a unique one.

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