Best Grocery Deals Are Usually Unadvertised
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Best Grocery Deals Are Usually Unadvertised

Usually when I finish my day I often go through the supermarket even I have no intent to actually buy anything because you never know what kind of clearance deals can be found as an example. These are usually unadvertised as well which means they will be more limited. While walking to the frozen section I saw all these crates being brought out by an employee. It had a big $2.98 sign and you can see it appeared to be eggs from a distance.

It was actually odd that they would put this out on the floor and not in the coolers. Seems like a normal price overall for a dozen. But upon further inspection these were very large eggs and you would get about 18 of them. They would usually go for about $5 or more. So great deal I thought as I definitely bought one. My guess is they wanted to sell this off fast and priced it as such too where they assume it will sell out quickly. That sure did seem to be the case.

I know a lot of people think it is strange to just quickly walk through a supermarket as there may be a good deal. Yet people don’t think twice when it comes to an electronic or clothing store. This is stuff you probably consume and buy on a regular basis too. As well, I find this to be a great habit as you can often find crazy deals and stock up when you don’t absolutely have to yet. Gives you extreme flexibility to save money on your grocery bills.

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