Believing You Can’t Afford The Big Items When You Can
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Believing You Can’t Afford The Big Items When You Can

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Imagine a scenario like this which I see all the time. There is an item that someone really wants but it costs about $50. They say they can’t afford it as it is too much money. Afterwards you see the same people spend up to $50 eating a full meal at restaurant. This isn’t a special occasion either as it just a regular meal for the day. To me that is very odd to think about financially but it happens often.

Does that ever make you think where when you say you can’t afford those large ticket items that you really can? Like here if the person changed their habit even for a day they could afford that stuff right away. I often wonder why looking at things financially that way simply go over people’s heads. Or is it simply a way to justify staying in a certain position for whatever reason?

Now obviously I am not talking about extreme examples such as one saying they can’t afford a one million dollar house but rather the more common things in life that can create a better quality of life for one. That could range from something as simple a household appliance to maybe even a car. Before you say you can’t afford something do you tend to look at your spending habits to see if anything can be fixed?

One funny example is that this month I actually took advantage of a smoothie promotion where I can get a smoothie that normally costs over $6 for just $2. I don’t usually buy stuff like this too due to the cost. But holy moly even from a finance perspective of doing this spending $2 a day can really add up in the month. That could be getting things like an internet service for the month that many people say they can’t afford but really need. Like there would you look at that smoothie or coffee habit and say you better start making the stuff yourself to save money? I would think it’s wiser to do that to determine if you truly can’t afford something or simply made it a lifestyle choice that makes it that way.

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