Being Vocal About Who You Support or Not

Being Vocal About Who You Support or Not

Today I saw there was a lot of hashtags of people saying they will boycott the company Home Depot for some reason which made me wonder why of course. Apparently the founder of the company made remarks publicly about a political candidate that he supports and as you can imagine politics is a sure way to divide your customer base. There is the other view where doing so can bring one more business for those who share the person’s view.

But it raises that question should you ever do this? I guess since the person already has all the money he ever needs then there isn’t as much to worry about versus someone just starting out. I do notice more wealthy people just deciding to be vocal politically too nowadays with the belief that if they don’t do so then their accumulated wealth is meaningless.

I think this is why too a lot of people simply donate their money to people to be the voice for them as that way they get to promote their beliefs without having it affect their business image. It’s not as a strong as them just doing it themselves of course.

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