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Being The Only Fighter

I was reading about this dispute that the Dish Network had with the WWE as a result of the company launching its own online network where people could watch pay-per-views for extremely less money. As a result, it makes subscribing to the program on the Dish network seem expensive. As a result, they threatened to not carry any of the WWE programing and it appeared that they acted on that threat. However, that was short lived as they have agreed to carry the next event.

What stuck out to me was a comment on how they were the only company that acted against their displeasure and as a result their protest was ineffective and mostly just resulted in them having losing revenue. That is so true in so many cases where while we are all taught to take the high road and go against decision where you feel will have a negative impact in the greater scheme of things, in many cases a business is just killing itself if it doesn’t simply go with what the majority of the crowd is.

It’s almost like a swallow your pride situation huh? Of course that is not to say that one person can’t change a lot as they can. However, in examples like these sometimes the fight is way too small to do on your own.

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