Being Seen On TV Sure Changes Professional Perception

Being Seen On TV Sure Changes Professional Perception

Recently while doing some of my regular routines and activities something interesting happened. Last year I got casted to work on a commercial where at the end of the day I had no idea how the final product would turn out. There is a possibility that you would be cut out as well due to a change of direction. To my surprise the people who I normally practice things like martial arts with apparently saw me on TV which shocked them. It was a moment of disbelief for them where at the end I suppose it’s just fun to see people you know.

What was interesting was how ever since these people saw me on TV they seem to act so differently. For one they now seem a bit mystified when I am around them. But the funny thing is many people before didn’t really care too much about things such as my creative aspirations in life. But now that they saw me on TV they are so interested in wanting to learn more as if they have been say a supporter from day one.

It’s just kind of weird as I have technically been doing the same work and grind forever. That time when people heard me doing stuff like that it’s more of just a polite “well good luck.” But now that they saw me on TV it’s kind of like instant credibility to them. Do you put that much weight on people simply because they were on the screen? Foer example, let’s say you were looking for a consultant. If you saw one guy on TV and the other guy on say an Internet video would one or the other persuade you to think on who is bigger or more reputable to do business with?

Makes you think too I suppose where if someone was spending money for marketing is it still beneficial to choose say TV versus solely on the web? Either way, the amount of weight and influence this has on people sure is peculiar to me in many ways.

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