Being Prepared For A Rush

Being Prepared For A Rush

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I am quite surprised still when companies advertise some kind of huge event where they are realistically expecting a ton more traffic than normal. You imagine this is great in all ways since it should mean more business. But usually the scenario is once the business does everything to get people’s attention and to go to say the store they are unprepared to deal with it. For example, at a live store it could be complete chaos with the lineups where there are no form of orders.

Online stores have the common issue where there are often so much people trying to access a website that the site simply crashes and therefore no one can be served. What is surprising is when companies don’t actually plan for it and expect things to just work as is. The only real argument I have heard on why a business wouldn’t say upgrade their server or capabilities is because it’s just for one day. I was just thinking how that one day could be huge for a business.

For places like retail shops as an example they usually make a ton of their profits on specific holidays. Unless you have an extremely unexpected surge kind of like when that Pokémon Go game came out where they planned for it but even that was still too huge for the company to handle. If you are going to invest so much in attracting people don’t forget to invest in ways to deal with the traffic as well.

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