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Being More Price Conscious When Buying Healthy Items

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Today I had to take the Seabus to get to a location and one thing that I noticed was that in the waiting area there are a few vending machines. Since I am always interested in the outrageous prices that people get charged for the sheer notion of convenience I went to see the prices. At first everything seemed normal where most items like sodas were about $1.25. However, what caught my attention was that the bottled water was $1.50.

At first I was thinking can bottled water really be that much more expensive to produce than a soda? I think not and so my only conclusion is that this was simply taking advantage of people that simply want something healthy. I can see why a lot of people would simply opt for things like the soda since it is cheaper in that scenario. Maybe in some ways that is the plan. I suppose if you are trying to live on healthy items that you need to be even more aware of the prices as just like items labelled as organic a lot of places charge a lot more banking on the notion that people will simply compare it to the stuff that are in its store only.

I did find the idea of these vending machines a little funny as there are a lot of signs saying no food and drinks when you are on the Seabus. And interestingly enough at the destination point there is a huge market that sells fresh items which is way cheaper.

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