Being Asked To Donate After Your Purchase
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Being Asked To Donate After Your Purchase

I went to the post office today as I had to buy a stamp to deliver a letter and after paying about one dollar for it the lady asked me if I wanted to donate my change to a charity. You did mention the name of it but unfortunately I didn’t recognize it nor did I know what this charity was all about. A a result, I said no.

This happens a lot and in some ways I do feel bad for having to say no as my assumption is this would be going towards a needy cause. At the same time, not knowing exactly what the organization does makes it hard to support. I know some people say they just say yes as they don’t want to look like a “cheapskate” or someone who “doesn’t care” about others. Doesn’t it make sense to say yes only if you understand and believe what the organization is all about though?

Another way I think about it too is that I’m sure most people donate in their own way which costs a lot of time or money through other means and one person shouldn’t have to try and appease to every organization. Otherwise you will probably end up as the charity yourself financially. Just feels safer this way too.

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