Being Around People Who Make More Money Than You

Being Around People Who Make More Money Than You

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I found this interesting to hear the other day where people were asked what their turning point in life was that got them to where they are financially. There were the typical responses such as hard work and doing what you love which is of course important. But one common point I got was how people often had either a friend or associate who was in the same field as they were where they made way more money.

There was one example where a guy mentioned how he was making about $3000 a year which was actually very good. He then asked his friend how much he made for specific jobs and he said about $50,000. As you can imagine he was floored at that where the guy basically made his whole yearly income with one job. This got him curious to research about the things his friend did so that he could incorporate it into his own venture.

That’s actually a pretty good example too where at times you do need to see how other people do things. It can be a great opportunity to stop doing the same thing over and over where you need to try different things to get different results. If you are consistently the only one who is on top within your network too it can probably make you a little lazy in trying to innovate. I know people often see this as a negative where one could see it as a way to say they aren’t that good compared to others. But I think if you shift it to more as a challenge it can be a constructive way to be more productive to earn more.

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