Being Afraid of Free Wild Fruits In Trees
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Being Afraid of Free Wild Fruits In Trees

Many times we try our best to find the best deals and even debate going for lesser quality items if the savings is significant enough. For example, paying less for the not perfectly round apple as ultimately it’s still good. During this time of the summer, there are actually a ton of trees that grow apples and you can literally just pick them as no one cares about it. You would think there if you are so adamant about saving money why wouldn’t you just pick the wild apples here correct?

As it turns out people are just terrified about it comes to wild stuff like this in an odd way. The perception is if you are getting it from a store then it somehow must be safer to eat versus random fruits like this that you pass by. In reality it’s virtually no different than someone just picking it out at a field and then sorting it to be sold at a store. I would imagine too once you get home you would wash the item before consuming.

Though this all makes me think where it’s beneficial to actually get some experience in things like farming or gardening to be able to recognize the natural ways to say grow your own food or where to find them in an effort to save money. Otherwise in many ways it’s like believing just because you order food from a restaurant that somehow that automatically means the food is safer to consume versus cooking the stuff yourself.

I have seen examples of people picking things like blackberries though with no reservation in regards to safety. In the processes of learning so many high tech and trade skills for our careers I think investing in some basic survival knowledge per se can come in handy.

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