Being A Puppet To Make A Fortune

Being A Puppet To Make A Fortune

This past few weeks it seems like I have thrown away $1000+ worth of offers where people wanted me to make posts about their product/company to help promote their offerings in exchange for money. The thing is, many wanted it in a specific way where I felt it is too infomercial esque as I would rather do things such as interview the person/company to provide a real value/insight to the company in question.

Recently I watched a video that described a specific perspective about money in a certain industry and how people in the limelight are simply dictated from third party people who fund their lavish lifestyle/operation. Basically, think of it like a fixed sport competition where you have two famous people who put on an act to be in competition with each other when really they were already paid for by a financial provider to carry out a specific outcome.

So this kind of made me think about the perspective of making a lot of money. From a business sense it is true where the whole concept is to simply cater to the demand of your financial provider as you have to fill in a need. Example, you can be a chef who thinks your recipe is the best in the world and that it shouldn’t be changed. However, if the majority of the people want you to add a lot more salt to it or else they will refuse to purchase it then you pretty much have to do it to make sales.

Does that mean if you want to make a fortune in your lifetime that you pretty much have to succumb to the “pay me and I’ll do what you say” mentality?
The funny thing is in most cases that I see if you are starting out you kind of have to be like the puppet unless you want to take the hard road (Which is too much for most people). Essentially, someone offers a person say $500 to endorse their product and so they do it even if they don’t truly believe in it. In some cases, they get offered say hundreds of thousands to continue.

I personally choose to take the slow road as oppose to resorting to just taking offers that seem to be extremely financially rewarding. My mindset for this that when you accept offers in these manners you are not just accepting the money but rather the lifestyle too. So if your whole goal was to make more money this way then by all means do so. But for me, I always think about the post affects of taking offers if it doesn’t sound right.

It’s better to be picky than a puppet I’d say in the long run in gaining financial rewards. The main way to help accelerate the process is to try and find more like minded people who have the same values as you do too. From my personal experience, it’s actually harder to find say leaders that focus more in helping others and trying to make financial abundance out of that as oppose to leaders that focus more on power and self gaining benefits.

Taking full control of your own direction can make it extremely more difficult in generating an income, but at the same time what you may miss out financially in the beginning will in exchange give you more training on how to better persevere in your ventures and to walk on your own two feet.

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